Salad Boxes (6)
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  • American Dream Salad
    Rs. 99.00

    Travel with your taste buds to America with 3 fresh leafy greens including the superfood kale and 2 veggies. Includes...

  • Mixed Greens Salad
    Rs. 89.00

    For the motivated diet enthusiast, this is a mix of our 6 leafy greens grown hydroponically with lots of love...

  • Classic Garden Salad
    Rs. 99.00

    Our all-time favorite, this contains 3 leafy greens and 3 veggies in a Zesty Orange vinegarette. We also add a mix...

  • Italian Salad
    Rs. 99.00

    Selected mix of our 2 fresh leafy greens and 3 veggies with our signature Italian dressing makes this a must...

  • BBQ Salad
    Rs. 99.00

    Mediterranean region is known for its cusine and clear blue waters. Try this salad having 3 fresh veggies and 2...

  • Cranberry Dressing Salad
    Rs. 99.00

    This colorful salad contains a mix of 2 fresh and tasty leafy greens and 3 veggies in our lovely Cranberry...